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Strombro is a leading Architecture and Engineering consultancy in CLT construction and production. We offer interdisciplinary services in the areas of construction, production and development. The company was founded in 2010 based on over a decade of timber building and production R&D.


Strombro Building workshop mainly act on the Scandinavian market, but are regularly involved in international projects advising project groups from Australasia to the US via the Mediterranean.


As architects and engineers, Strombro Building workshop believes that by applying research and development of sustainable building techniques to the core of the architectural design and engineering phase, we can converse a negative environmental spiral caused by the building industry. By using sustainably sequestered forest products in our built environment we use our buildings as carbon sinks. I.e the more we build the more CO2 we store.


Wood as a construction material is renewable, durable, economical and beautiful. By automating and industrializing the design- and production processes, the wood and cellulose materials will soon constitute the larger part of the construction industry. We have during the last decade proven that by choosing CLT techniques we can plan, design and build faster than with traditional building materials, resulting in more economical, healthy and sustainable building projects.




At Strombro we understand the requirements for the building process. This gives us the strength to provide you with accurate and adapted building information all through your project. We strive for the specific and efficient. We believe in multidisciplinary collaborations from the early project stages. We thrive from discussion among experience and knowledge, and believe in bringing the latest knowledge to every project.



Planning & Design

Our multi-disciplinary team is made of excellent architects, designers and engineers with specialized experience with timber architecture, design, planning, and engineering. Our top priority is to deliver world class design and planning services that realize your ideal building project.

The company’s staff has the expertise to provide full architectural design services, from concept design stage to construction supervision. We approach all our projects with special attention to ecology, indoor climate, health, cost control and of course the highest standard of design aesthetic and functionality.

In all our work we aim to address the specific features and potential of a particular situation, embracing them into the project while responding to the requirements of the program.

We continue to push the limits of building technology – innovating, refining and experimenting – to come up with the very best solution for each situation.

Our method of working is highly participatory, with clients, engineers and specialist consultants all contributing from the beginning of a project and throughout the design process.

Our approach to design is not strictly conventional and involves the use of physical models and one-to-one scale mock-ups to help test and develop our proposed design concepts. We also believe that the design process is not linear and that it requires architects to think and draw on different scales at the same time, considering each finished detail in the development of the overall design.





Project Assessment

Our work has covered a broad range of construction methods and materials with special focus on the CLT industry. We have cultivated contact and collaboration with all leading manufacturers and have built a thorough knowledge of their industrial processes and construction systems. As every project is special and specific we like to draw on our unique experience to help you choose the perfect solution that fits your particular goals and dreams.

Structural Strategies

Strombro helps its architecture and engineering clients by evaluating the most suitable structural strategy for their project. To every project we bring an expertise in material properties, costs, construction and the mounting principles behind each structural strategy. We are interested in a variety of strategies but of course CLT is our specialty and this is where we offer expert advice found nowhere else in Scandinavia.

Structures and detailing

We perform structural calculations and dimensioning required for building projects either as a subcontractor or your stand-alone consultant. These calculations are often conducted as a part of the structural strategy but can also be carried our independently. Our engineers have extensive experience with the specifics of designing with solid timber that is compliant with the EU legislative requirements that the latest building regulations demand.

To ensure the highest quality and lowest maintenance demand of your CLT structure we are happy to share our library of specific design details, solutions, and research.


The process of converting a set of architectural drawings or a 3d model into fabrication package for CLT manufacturing is time consuming and detail-intensive.

It’s often a costly struggle with time to manage this phase and mistakes can further delay the process and impact cost. This is when Strombro enters as your experienced partner with highly developed tools and techniques, templates, and an extensive library of custom details and components that we use to deliver quality documentation efficiently.

We take pride in the quality and readability of our drawings ensuring understanding and limiting costly mistakes in the production and montage phase.


We have developed software that readily translates your 3D CAD models into elaborately and exact fabrication. We do not only hand over the documentation to the manufacturer but also the machine files necessary to run the CNC machinery. It is common to meet resistance from the manufacturer when projects become highly customized because of the effort to produce machine files. By doing this we enable the manufacturer to focus on their core task: precise machining and timely delivery of element and building construction.



A speedy montage of prefabricated CLT elements requires rational planning and immediate response if any queries arise on site. Our documentation is developed with color-coding and clear views taken from 3D models in order to give immediate and complete understanding. We take special care to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. We employ our drawing templates and methods throughout the project stages so that clear discussion can proceed from the earliest sketches giving us a sure way to control the design of the project delivery and montage and keep mishaps and delays to a minimum. Quality control of this calibre allows us to manage complex structures and adventurous architecture.





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