From the love of our

hearts we design,

research, inform and

manage timber building



Strombro Building Workshop is a leading Architecture and Engineering consultancy in CLT construction and production. We offer interdisciplinary services in the areas of construction, production and development. The company was founded in 2010 based on over a decade of timber building and production R&D.


We mainly act on the Scandinavian market, but are regularly involved in international projects advising project groups from Australasia to the US via the Mediterranean.


As architects and engineers, Strombro Building workshop believes that by applying research and development of sustainable building techniques to the core of the architectural design and engineering phase, we can converse a negative environmental spiral caused by the building industry. By using sustainably sequestered forest products in our built environment we use our buildings as carbon sinks. I.e the more we build the more CO2 we store.


Wood as a construction material is renewable, durable, economical and beautiful. By automating and industrializing the design- and production processes, the wood and cellulose materials will soon constitute the larger part of the construction industry. We have during the last decade proven that by choosing CLT techniques we can plan, design and build faster than with traditional building materials, resulting in more economical, healthy and sustainable building projects.